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A Dark Romantic Period Drama with a Twist

Adapted from the novel RHUBARBS AND CIRCUSES

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What if your last surviving relative dies leaving a dark mystery to solve, but your grief causes your world to unravel?

What if his heroic stories of life as a young fighter pilot make you yearn to share his past?

What if London dissolves before your very eyes and echoes of a lost generation take its place...?

A therapist guides our heroine through the painful and joyful recollections that might only exist in the corridors of her mind, changing her shallow and selfish attitude to life, loss and love.


The story makes us all reflect on the lost values of contemporary society through glimpses of the dark and terrifying war years.

Message to a Missing Pilot


Grey angry water tumbles fiercely to the sea – 

fighting for supremacy against an autumn sky.

Billowing clouds, shoulder to shoulder 

send rain to wash your tarnished body,

soaking Londoners as they obliviously pass you by.


But I will stop and adore your face frozen in time; 

hoping that your soul lingers somewhere near.

Rustic leaves spiral downwards and blanket your feet 

covering the scarlet poppies I left for you here.


Don’t fear, for we will fly again above the glistening sea.

The silvery moon and golden sun will light our way.

We will pass from this place by the old rolling river

cloaked in the velvety night – and in your arms I will lay. 

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