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A dark, psychological drama about grief, passion and loss, set between modern day London and World War Two.


Arthur Richardson was a Spitfire Ace during the Second World War, but there are some things he just can’t talk about…. like what happened to his beloved wife Flossie during ravaged wartime Britain. On his deathbed he unknowingly hands over the mystery to his troubled granddaughter Annie to unravel.


What would you do if ghosts from your late grandfather’s past appeared all over London plaguing your daily existence? Would you brush these phantoms off as a symptom of grief, or would you fear you are being sent a message from the past forcing you to engage with the unknown?



Annie always put her career first, but when her beloved grandad dies, ghosts from his war-time past pay her an unwelcome visit, dragging her kicking and screaming into an alternative reality, to find out what happened to his beloved wife Flossie.



The story is a celebration of the stoic heroism of the women of the Air Transport Auxiliary with the innocence and maturing values of Atonement combined with the courage of The Battle of Britain. There are no known feature films about these plucky women to date.

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