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Grieving for her late grandfather, Arthur, who raised her, Annie, a young high-flying London career woman, begins to see ghosts from the world her grandfather inhabited as an RAF pilot in World War Two. He’s also left her with an unsolved mystery: what happened to his wife Flossie during the war? He’s never been able to talk about her. 


Annie's loss causes her to become unapproachable to those around her, careless with her relationships both personal and professional. With her questioning her own life and values, conflict arises with her boyfriend, Tom, and also at her high‐powered advertising job in the City of London. Both boss and boyfriend begin to question her grip on reality.


Forced into taking a sabbatical and growing more isolated, Annie takes her frustration out on Tom when he whisks her away to the countryside for a weekend to Goodwood Revival. The re-enactors only fuel her imagination, which causes a row between her and Tom. 


She runs off and stumbles upon an abandoned aircraft scrap yard. When she emerges the other side, she is unaware that she has been plucked from the 21st century and catapulted back into the world her grandfather inhabited during World War Two. She’s there to solve the mystery about Flossie and to learn what’s important in life.


Dressed in her reenactment costume, she’s mistaken for an ATA ferry pilot. Confused by her predicament, but intrigued, she takes a leap and finds herself enlisted as an ATA pilot. The  experience revives her love of flying, which she learned under the tutelage of her grandfather. Much more at home in this world than her own, she loses all desire to return to modern London society and what she now sees as its questionable values…embracing this time where she feels infinitely more herself.


She falls in love with an RAF pilot, Lenny, and when he goes missing in action, the shock jolts her back to her contemporary London apartment where she searches for her truth and a way back to the only man she has ever loved.

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