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During the war, the Air Transport Auxiliary were the only civilians allowed to assist the war effort in the air by ferrying military aircraft between active stations, factories and maintenance depots within the UK. This freed up RAF pilots to focus on active service. There were many women in the ATA, known as ATA girls, whose story has only recently become well known. The wartime experiences of Annie in this story are very typical of the real life ATA girls.


HOW TIME FLIES will be the first feature film or TV series to explore these plucky heroines, several of whom are still alive and very humble about their contribution to the war effort. 


The project has the support of the RAF who see the film as being a valuable PR tool

The sculptor of the Battle of Britain statue on the Embankment is Paul Day. He fully supports this project and has granted full permission for his work to be featured.


ATA resource:


Paul Day:

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