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Hour of the Hurricane

A 6 x 60’ returning drama


Annie’s grandfather did something terrible during the war. But now it seems that Annie can go back to try to stop him…


What if you could slip back in time to stop someone you love from making a dreadful mistake?

Rhubarbs and Circuses is being adapted to TV by Roland Moore - creator and writer of the successful BBC series 'Land Girls'


Hour of the Hurricane is a post-watershed, 9pm drama series more concerned with racial segregation, illegitimate babies, looting, violence, and the dark shadows of war. It will even feature the early horrors of proto-reconstructive surgery for injured pilots.


Over time, the camaraderie of the blitz spirit has become the default view of World War II. You could leave your front door open…couldn’t you?


But this cosy image wasn’t the reality for most people. The war was also a time of looting, black market trading, violence and sex with strangers. People behaved in strange ways because they felt that they might die tomorrow. There’s no jam making in Hour of the Hurricane.


This period also saw the ATA women receive the same pay as men – for the first time in history.


So, the story blazes a trail of equal rights in dark times.

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